lol my dad signed up for my mastodon server, hi dad


Sometimes I wonder if I could explain any part of what I think is funny now to my child-self, and like... no?

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just saw someone boosting on mastodon a twitter crosspost with a screenshot from tumblr itself containing a screenshot from reddit

Image not actually sensitive but you know, the cuticle situation isn't great.

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Definitely amateur hours here but I was at least able to get my first attempt at powdered dip nails complete and they feel durable? I think this will be fun as I get better at it!

Migrating over here to see how I like it; @eachapm on twitter.

I work in in a variety of client-facing capacities (currently focused on training, historically support and sales engineering). I am obsessed with the consortium.

I live in and have a very dumb cat. Recently have gotten into , and am working on getting to the big plate club with my bench. 🎉

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